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When you discover that you need that next repair on your car or truck, it can be frustrating. Especially when you need that vehicle to get you around daily. Finding a solid auto repair shop or mechanic in Idaho Falls feels like rolling the dice a little. What you need is a local auto repair shop that you can rely on to get your vehicle repaired quickly and back in your hands in working order. We believe we are that shop. We want to earn your trust as the “go-to” auto repair mechanics in Idaho Falls and surrounding area. Let us take the stress of that repair off of your shoulders so that you can get back to your daily routine. Please give us a call so that we can find the best solution to get your vehicle repaired.

Not Sure What’s Wrong? Here Are Some Possible Answers


It sounds terrifying because it’s supposed to. Many brake pads come with brake pad indicators, small devices that rub against your rotor when your brake pads start to wear down too much.

It could be a loose or worn down serpentine belt, which transports power to various auto components – the alternator, A/C, power steering pump, and water pump.

If you hear this while moving at low speed only for it to go away once you hit higher speed, it could be a loose lug nut inside your hub cap. 

This indicates your battery is having trouble powering your engine. Maybe it’s your battery’s time to die, maybe it’s running out of juice, maybe it just needs a jump.

Usually emitting from under the driver’s seat, this sound indicates a crack or leak in the exhaust system’s manifold (meaning all of the noise your engine makes is entering the vehicle).

This indicates a problem with your power-steering system.

This is typically caused by a ventilation flap having become misaligned, worn down, or loose – hence, it starts to flap.


Usually the result of antifreeze leaking from your cooling system.

It may be that the catalytic converter has gone bad.

This is often the result of overheating components or short circuits in the electrical system.

This is most likely a problem with a belt – it could have either slipped or is getting chewed up by a pulley.

This is likely mold in your A/C system, which is more common in older vehicles due to the A/C evaporator collecting moisture over time.

Smelling gas after your engine warms up could mean you have a loose gas cap or there’s a leak or clog in the evaporative emissions control system (this system contains and recycles fuel vapors).

Experienced Mechanics To Provide A Complete Auto Care

Our full-service Idaho Falls auto repair shop is located about 500 feet West of the Iona/Hitt round-about on Iona Road. Owned by Chris and Shana, C&S Auto Repair has an experienced team of certified auto mechanics who will work together to get your vehicle checked, and up and running properly again.

Chris Neal has had multiple ASE Certifications – Complete Auto Repair, Brakes, A/C Repair, Engine Performance, and Engine Repair, to name a few. Shana has over 30 years of customer service experience, 14 of which as a service writer and technician assistant.

Finding The Right Idaho Falls Auto Repair Shop Can Be Tricky

Here’s What You Should Look For In An Auto Mechanic

1. Professional Customer Service

Good mechanics know how to listen, even if it means reading between the lines when someone is explaining the problem to them. Many people don’t know the ins and outs of their vehicles, so good mechanics can interpret the reported symptoms and get a good idea of what the diagnosis is or know where to start to diagnose the problem.

But, it’s not all just listening. It’s making sure we give you the honest solution to fix the problem. Even if we can’t help. C&S Auto Repair will make sure you have the right answer each and every time. 

2. Good Reputation

Our Idaho Falls mechanics have gained a reputation for honest and effective service.

We can not only tell you the problem but show you as well. We can also explain in detail what we can do to fix it. Before we work on a fix for your auto repair solution, we’ll talk with you first. You’ll know everything as soon as we do. 

 If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask! Additionally, take a look at our shiny reputation in our Google Business Profile. 150+ people can’t be wrong.

3. The Right Credentials

All of our mechanics are ASE certified and have many of years of experience in the automotive repair industry. Combined certifications include:

  • Air Conditioner Repair

  • Brakes

  • Engine Repair

  • Engine Performance

  • General Auto Parts

  • GM Parts

  • Electrical Repair & Electrical Diagnosis

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Routine Oil Change

4. High Quality Labor Practices

You don’t want to take your vehicle to Idaho Falls auto repair services shop whose mechanics use short-cuts or find the easy solution just because the right solution is more challenging. Or, because they’re in a rush. 

You want auto mechanics who want what’s best for your vehicle as much as you do.

Our mechanics will treat your vehicle like it’s their own.

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  • Great service and work

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    saints row/ king jc
  • I trust them bottom line.

    Read More
    James Lee
  • I am not sure if they remember me or my situation but, I still tear up to this day on how amazing this company is and what they did for me. They are honest, kind, and went above and beyond to help me. I back in 2007-2008 as a very, very poor single mom, bought a car that ended up being a lemon. I had to buy a new transmission. Wanting to go the cheeper route, I ordered a refurbished transmission online. Shipping was about $600+, Plus the transmission. I had the transmission delivered to C&S auto for them to install. Long story short the transmission delivered didn’t work. So we needed to send it back. It was not easy dealing with the online company I ordered the transmission from. I had to pay for another shipment to ship a new transmission again they sent us another and same thing it didn’t work. C & S auto we’re so great and through all my tears did whatever the could for me. Finally after them helping me fight this company we got another transmission sent and it worked this time. They were my angels. They allowed me to make payments and were just so kind. I will never forget what they did for me. I can now say I am in a much different financial situation and have given back to my community as much as possible. I will be forever grateful for their kindness and helping me years ago. Thank you C & S auto!

    Read More
    Aneleise Weaver
  • Good people, good work, good prices. Keep it up and thank you!

    Read More
    Travis Mortimer
  • I've used C & S several times. Great communication thru the diagnosis and repair process with honesty and integrity. I've recommended them to each and every friend I have.

    Read More
    Derek Thomason
  • Ignore the only negitive comment. Theyre are always haters and ppl you can not satisfy no matter the expense. A+ auto repair in Idaho Falls! No complaints what so ever! Been here a dozen times myself and sent several family members and friends here...everyone reports back to me with the same reply...INCREDIBLE! We trust Chris & Shanna with our lives...and thats important when it comes to auto repair! Thanks you two!

    Read More
    Gandalf Jorgensen
  • Best auto shop in and around Idaho Falls. Friendly people and great pricing on the excellent service. I would, and have, recommend C&S auto to anyone.

    Read More
    Philip Myers
  • Exceptional service. Honest and upfront. Joe is the real deal. And I have been to many, many auto repairs shops. This one is the best!

    Read More
    Helen Johnson
  • Best place in eastern idaho. They always take care of me, compared to all the other mechanics in town!!

    Read More
    Emma Paulsen
  • Faith in humanity restored. This is a REAL mechanic shop.

    Read More
    Larry Lawless
  • Mike and Joe in the office are always a pleasure to work with. If you have a problem that needs fixed correctly? THIS IS THE PLACE! No doubt, they will figure it out and will be upfront and honest. Always very thorough with repairs. Would never charge you for something that didn't need done. Highly recommend C&S for all you vehicle needs.

    Read More
    Landon Sexton
  • Quick, fast and affordable job. The best mechanic shop in East Idaho.

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  • Chris and Shana are awesome people and did an awesome job. Kept me in the loop the entire time with updates so I wasn't left wondering. Very efficient considering the scope of my issue. Very professional. Will not go anywhere else, period.

    Read More
    Big B
  • Ryan has the best customer service. Very professional, honest, all of their staff. Ryan was helpful in giving me instructions and advice regarding the cluster on my 2005 Chevy Suburban. I mailed it on Monday 08/17/15 and received it on 08/20/15. Installed it and works as good as new. Thank you, C&S Happy in Salida, CA

    Read More
    Robert Gallegos
  • I called to get some information about my vehicle and they where great to visit and explain with me what was going on. Great customer service!

    Read More
    Debbie DeFilipps
  • Braeden Gilbert
  • Just picked up my car from C&S Auto. Honest, reliable, skilled and reasonable. One of the best finds I've been fortunate to make since moving to Idaho. I wouldn't go anywhere else, and wouldn't think of letting my kids go to any other shop either. I can't recommend them highly enough!Update 09/2015 - been using C&S since 2008 and still love these guys! They are the best and I wouldn't trust my automotive needs to anyone but them.

    Read More
    Crystal Alexander
  • They fix your vehicle without any games or tricks, and let me choose what to fix and what to take care of later.

    Read More
    David Arnold
  • Truly honest and professional. An excellent mechanic is worth their weight in gold. Had upper and lower plenum gaskets, valve cover gaskets, half moons, and can plugs replaced.Found about a month later during an oil change that the cam plug was leaking oil, indicative that it was improperly seated. C&S stood by ttheir worked and fixed it with no hassle. That is the type of mechanic that you want. I spoke with them and for a tour of their shop and they put their money and time into doing great service. I highly recommend them.

    Read More
    Brandon Cole
  • Great service. Honest and always trying to save you money

    Read More
    Jake Gallup

When It's Time For Your Car Routine Maintenance...

… Or a full auto repair, C&S Auto Repair provides vital information so you know ahead of time what to expect and have the right details to make smart decisions.

To determine your car’s repair cost, it’s important that we speak with you. We invite you to contact us quickly. You’ll not only be an informed customer, but you’ll also know that you’re paying a reasonable price for the goods and services you receive. Each estimate details labor and parts prices as well as the member discount available at our shop.

You’ll save money on car repair and maintenance, inspections,  at our shop. In addition, C&S Auto Repair shops offer reliable and trustworthy service. Our shop undergoes a comprehensive investigation and meets stringent standards.

Every bay has a qualified mechanic who can inspect your car and service it with high-quality auto parts. Trust all of your automobile maintenance requirements to a C&S Auto Repair facility, whether you require a regular oil change, your tires rotated, or potentially an a more detailed and complex auto repair

Call us to schedule your free car inspection performed by one of our ASE Certified Technicians! 

GM and Ford Certified

ASE Master Technicians Always on Site

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