10 Most Common Auto Issues


Electrical problems are becoming increasingly common with the various innovations in auto tech, and it’s something we commonly see and fix at our Idaho Falls auto repair shop. 


With more mileage comes more of a likelihood that you’re going to have problems with your clutch. Burnt out or slipping clutches are a common issue. Signs include chattering sounds when you accelerate, clutch pedal pulsations, difficulty engaging the clutch, and other things that just make it feel “off”.


This is the turbine-driven, force induction device. It makes the engine more efficient and powerful. Signs of turbo problems include power loss, a whining engine, and excessive exhaust smoke.


A gearbox is a contained mechanic unit composed of various gears within a housing – in other words, a box containing gears – a gearbox.

What’s its purpose? To alter torque and speed between a motor (or some other driving force) and a load. 

Signs you’re having a problem with your gearbox include issues when you shift gears, grinding or shaking between gears, and leaking transmission fluid.


Many modern cars have devices in the brake pads that create an intensely loud squealing sound when they’re wearing down. If you hear this, chances are your brakes have issues so bring your vehicle into our Idaho Falls auto repair shop ASAP.

Cylinder Head Gasket

This provides the seal between the engine block and the cylinder head inside your engine – it seals the combustion gases in the cylinders and prevents oil and coolant from leaking into them.

Signs of cylinder head gasket problems (usually called “blowing a gasket”) include leaking coolant, engine overheating, white-ish smoke blowing from the exhaust, and low coolant levels with no signs of coolant leakage.

A/C Condenser

We can repair problems with your air conditioning at our Idaho Falls auto repair shop. It’s usually an easy fix.

EGR Valve

Standing for “Exhaust Gas Recirculation”, EGR valves recirculate quantities of exhaust gas to the engine intake system – this increases the efficiency of the engine and limits oil consumption.

Signs of EGR valve problems include reduced acceleration and power, as well as decreased fuel efficiency.


Despite the rise of hybrids and electric cars, alternator problems are still common. 

The alternator is an electric generator that charges the battery and powers the electrical system.

Signs of alternator problems include dim or overly bright lights, difficulty starting the car and frequent stalling, dead battery, and of course, the battery warning light coming on.

For any of these issues, bring your vehicle into our Idaho Falls auto repair shop.

Window Motor/Regulator

Window motors often burn out, but fortunately the fix is an easy one. If your window won’t roll up or down, bring it into our Idaho Falls auto repair shop.

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