How to Find a Good Idaho Falls Mechanic

There are several things to consider when choosing an Idaho Falls mechanic. If you don’t have the skills to fix an issue with your vehicle you go to a mechanic because you assume that they will have all the skills needed to get your car fixed. Or you might not have the time or the tools to do it yourself. You also expect a fair price and good service just as you would with any other business.  

There are a number of characteristics that you should look for in a mechanic. A good mechanic will be:

Idaho Falls Mechanic

• Professional

• Reputable

• Knowledgeable

• Fair

• Attentive

• Certified

The Characteristics of a Good Mechanic

Idaho Falls Mechanic

A good mechanic will also be upfront about the costs of repairs and labor and won’t try to overcharge you for the services provided. A good mechanic will also explain to you precisely what is wrong with your car in plain English rather than talk to you in mechanic jargon that doesn’t make sense. 

A good mechanic will listen to you describe the problem and what you have noticed that seems out of the ordinary. Even though they may be able to pinpoint what is wrong with your vehicle more quickly simply because they work on cars all day, they should still listen to what you have to say. You are the one who drives your vehicle the most, and you will know more about what your car does and what sounds it makes. You are also the one who will notice any strange smells or any other things that are out of the ordinary, so it helps your mechanic when they do listen. 

A good mechanic will have the reputation of being a good mechanic. You can always read reviews by other customers and ask around. Ask your friends and relatives to see how their experiences were with the mechanic you were thinking of choosing. Choosing a mechanic can be a scary ordeal since you are trusting someone else with your “baby.” You depend on your car to get you to and from work as well as to not leave you stranded by the side of the road. You want to leave your vehicle in good hands. A mechanic is essentially a doctor for your car.  You spend a lot of time searching for a good doctor for yourself so why wouldn’t you try and find a good doctor for your car, that you depend on? 

A good mechanic will be able to access the problem and fix it as quickly as possible so that you don’t have to pay any extra and so you can get back on the road as soon as possible. They should be able to tell you what the issue is, what the cost will be and what they will be charging for labor. 

They should also make sure that you have given them the go-ahead before beginning any work. If there is more than one way to get the job done, they should also present you with a couple of different options when it comes to getting your vehicle repaired. For example, if there is a generic part that you can substitute for a name-brand part, they should inform you that you have that option. You should be the one to decide whether you want to pay extra for a name-brand part, and they should never assume what you want. 

They should also explain what caused the issue in the first place. In certain instances, you may be able to avoid the same issue from happening again by simply changing your driving habits or by taking your vehicle in to get the tires rotated more often. A good mechanic should be successful because they are good at what they do and because they are honest. They shouldn’t be getting rich by overcharging their customers or by being sneaky. Mechanics have gained a bad reputation for not being on the up-and-up, but that is not true of all mechanics.

You also want to make sure that the mechanic you choose is certified to be working on your car or any car for that matter. The business that you choose should have a business certification and be accredited by the Federal Trade Commission. It is also wise to check with the Better Business Bureau, also known as the BBB, to make sure that they are not only certified but that they strive to provide the best service to their customers. The BBB keeps track of which businesses have received accreditations and awards for their work. You will also find out if that same business has received any black marks. 

Idaho Falls Mechanic

C&S Auto Repair offers many repair services. They specialize in repair work on any vehicle 1996 or newer including vehicles from Asia. They can provide routine maintenance such as an oil change, and they also offer preventative maintenance. They also have a diesel mechanic to service your diesel vehicle.

C&S Auto Repair proudly serves the Idaho Falls area and also does:

• Transmission Flush

• Coolant System Flush

• Brake System Flush

• Fuel System Service

• Power Steering Flush

• Brake Replacement and Repair 

• Shocks and Struts Replacement

• Alternator Charging System Repair

• Timing Belt Replacement

• Engine No Start Diagnosis and Repair

• Water Pump Replacement

• Electrical System and Diagnosis & Service

• Belt, Hose and Filter Replacement

• Courtesy Check-Up

• Fleet Service

• Driveability Diagnosis

• Muffler/Exhaust

• Suspension

• Transmission Service Repair

• Power Steering Service

• Heater Core Replacement

• Computer Programming

C&S Auto Repair will even help you to understand your warranty better so that you know what will be covered and what won’t. More often than not a warranty will only be valid if you take your vehicle into a licensed mechanic to get the job done. It might not be valid if you got a less reputable mechanic to do the work or if you tried to fix the repair on your own. There are many benefits to taking your vehicle into C&S Auto Repair and you can rest assured that the work will get done promptly and for a fair price. You may also find that it is also challenging to find a mechanic that will work on an older model of car. You can always call around in order to compare prices, but it isn’t likely that you will find a better deal or better customer service anywhere else. 


We Service All Makes and Models

We Specialize in Repair on 1996 and Newer Domestic and Asian Vehicles
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