How To Find Reliable Auto Repair In Idaho Falls

Finding the Right Auto Repair Shop in Idaho Falls

Leaving your vehicle in the hands of an Idaho Falls auto repair shop takes trust – trust that the mechanics know what they’re doing, trust that they’ll take care of your vehicle, and trust that you aren’t going to get a raw deal out of the situation.

It’s wise to do some research into your local companies before paying for certain services, and auto repair is definitely one of them. 

Here are some tips on choosing the right shop for auto repair in Idaho Falls.

Ask Your Friends

When people find an auto shop they like, they tend to stick with it. Consistent and high quality service is something that keeps people coming back. So ask your friends which shops they trust the most.

Look For Certifications

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Your best options are going to be auto shops with certifications. Multiple ASE Certifications for engine repair and engine performance, A/C repair, and brake services are good examples.

Check With the Better Business Bureau

The BBB has records of virtually every business and also gives them rewards for high quality business performance. You can find this info online, and also see complaints about these businesses as well. 

Know Your Warranty

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A warranty’s terms and conditions can be confusing or worded in a way that’s difficult to understand. You can contact your customer service department if you need clarification. 

Auto warranties are not the same across all car manufacturers – some repairs are covered under warranty only if they are performed by an authorized dealer.

Find the Idaho Falls auto repair shop that will work best with your warranty’s terms and conditions.

Shop Around

Call around the various auto shops in Idaho Falls to see if you can find the best deal. Some shops offer trade policies, buying back replaced parts and adjusting the end cost with the trade-in included. 

Look For Specialty Car Services

Some shops offer specialized services for specific vehicle makes and models. This can be great if you have a vehicle that needs some specialized care. 

Of course, be sure to only go with certified and trained technicians. Some of the new technology involved with the latest vehicles can present a real challenge for some auto repair shops in Idaho Falls.

List The Pros & Cons

Figure out the various advantages and disadvantages of your auto repair shop options. Write them all down and decide which one works best for you.

Remember: getting your vehicle serviced by the same vendor where you purchased your car is a major advantage, so be sure to include that. That said, they may not be able to offer the necessary repairs. That’s an obvious disadvantage.

Use The Internet

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You can get access to plenty of information from not just auto repair shops in Idaho Falls, but virtually any business in the US. 

Check out websites like Yellow Pages or Angie’s List. Looking at a business’s Google My Business page is another place you can find reviews from people online who have used their services.


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