Idaho Falls Oil Change – Winter Vs. Summer

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There’s a common belief that the oil you put into your car should vary depending on the season. Usually people claim you want a slightly thicker oil during the summer and a thinner oil in the winter.

But how true is this?

In light of advancements in motor oil, most vehicles will function well with a single type of motor oil whether it’s below zero or 90+ degrees. 

The reason for this is that many modern-day motor oils are often multi-grade; in other words, multi-viscosity. This is opposed to older forms of motor oil which were single-grade. People purchased thinner single-grade motor oil which would run better in cold temperatures; during the summer, they’d swap it out for a thicker grade.

Modern multi-grade motor oils, on the other hand, provide a wide range of protection year-round. This kind of oil expands in the heat and shrinks in the cold

Generally speaking, when you take your vehicle in for an Idaho Falls oil change, auto companies will use quality multi-grade oil to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

The Importance of Regular Oil Changes

Motor oil may have advanced, but the technology that requires regular oil changes in Idaho Falls remains static. 

Idaho Falls Oil ChangeYour engine consists of a lot of moving parts. These parts move at high speeds. With speed, comes friction; with friction comes heat; and with heat, comes damage.

That’s where oil comes in. It lubricates all of the moving parts of your engine and keeps things running smoothly. It keeps heat down. It keeps more money in your bank account rather than having it spent on costly engine repairs (or a brand new engine or even a brand new vehicle if you experience a full engine overheat).

Over time, clean oil is going to start to collect a lot of dirt, grime, and harsh particulates that come off your engine and from the environment. It becomes sludgy and results in your engine having to work harder for its output.

What’s more, dirty oil actually acts as a heat insulator, which is the opposite of what you want.

If your engine is left to run with dirty oil, its parts are going to start to warp, break down, and eventually, your engine is going to overheat. This results in permanent damage to your engine and will require a full replacement. This can be very expensive, so much so that many owners decide to scrap their vehicle entirely for a new one.

Don’t put yourself in that situation. If you need an Idaho Falls oil change, bring your vehicle into C&S Auto Repair today!

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