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C&S Auto RepairC&S Auto Repair
4.7 Stars - Based on User Reviews

Tyson BloxhamTyson Bloxham

Absolutely the best and most professional repair shop in all of south east Idaho! They do the work right and stand behind it.

Thomas SorensenThomas Sorensen

Great customer service. Did a water pump and couldn't get a hold of so they put a new belt and idler arm for free. I Would not take my vehicle anywhereeA#1 company.

Becky FurgasonBecky Furgason

They are refreshingly competent. They correctly diagnosed and repaired things wrong with my car that multiple other mechanics over the years did not. I have full and complete confidence in C & S. Auto Repair and recommend them to everyone.

Ginger WilesGinger Wiles

Payed 900 dollars for a new water pump on a 2000 plymouth voyager and before they took it apart the van did not leak oil !! Now is leaking a quart of oil every 2 days and has a knock which they will blame on 2 heads on the engine being bad BUT THIS VAN DID NOT LEAK OIL JUST ANTIFREEZE AND NO KNOCK UNTILL THEY TOOK IT APART !!!

In response my husband towed it there also told you what needed to be done to it and also it shouldnt matter if it's been 52 or 2 days you are going to be rude to a customer about a service you were paid to do correctly but ended up causing more issues and my husband did not want to bring it back because we dont need anything else broke on our van as we have 2 young children and it being our only vechile!!! And btw we have never gotten that supposed 3rd party call !! Thank you and have a great Sunday! AND BY THE WAY MY HUSBAND JUST GOT A CHANCE TO LOOK UNDER OUR VAN AND A MOTOR MOUNT WASNT TIGHTENED AND WE ALSO HAVE ONE OF YOUR MECHANICS WRENCHES THAT HE LEFT IN OUR ENGINE!

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