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C&S Auto RepairC&S Auto Repair
4.8 Stars - Based on User Reviews

Sally JardineSally Jardine

Great customer service! Very honest, friendly, and professional!! We were having an issue with a repair they did on our timing belt, but when we took it back they misdiagnosed the problem. We then moved to a different state, but continued to have problems with it. We had to take it somewhere new to get it fixed, and they said the timing belt was off a tooth. When C&S found out about the issue, they offered to reimburse us for all their labor costs, because they weren't able to fix it themselves, since we had moved. I was very grateful and impressed! They're a great company with a lot of integrity!

Preston AtamanczykPreston Atamanczyk

These guys were my go-to auto repair shop until I moved to Nampa back in August. Ryan and the owners say what they do and do what they say. Less than trustworthy auto repair shops are far too common. But with C&S I had a peace of mind knowing they were going to do the right thing and perform quality work, and I wasn't going to get worked over on the price. I've had 3 different vehicles in their shop, on 6 or 7 different occasions, in the last couple years and I have been very satisfied with and grateful for my experiences with them. They're not in this business for the money, they're in it to serve and take care of people. AND THAT'S WHY THEIR SERVICE IS SECOND TO NONE!!! Major props to C&S!

Bryan WilsonBryan Wilson

Chris and Shana are awesome people and did an awesome job. Kept me in the loop the entire time with updates so I wasn't left wondering. Very efficient considering the scope of my issue. Very professional. Will not go anywhere else, period.

Rob BecksteadRob Beckstead

They kept giving me the run around after they broke a part on my vehicle. When i took it in to get fixed finnaly they broke the part again and again. The last time I got my car back one of the employees had smoked in my car. I will never recommend anyone taking there car to get fixed by these idiots.

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