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C&S Auto RepairC&S Auto Repair
4.7 Stars - Based on User Reviews

Chad RussellChad Russell

Absolutely fantastic. If you have any car problems at all, this is the place to get your car or truck fixed. The shop itself is very modern and is equipped with just about every tool needed to get your vehicle up and running again. The prices are very fair and the technicians are dependable and honest.

Angela LeeAngela Lee

After speaking to the manager/owner I would like to reconsider and recant a portion of my review. I stated that each time we visited the Office we only noticed one guy in the shop. However I need to take into consideration that some mechanics may be out test driving vehicles or out to lunch. I was told they have 4 mechanics. I was also told that there was no way to tell that the high pressure oil pump was to go out. After our discussion and their explanation
I therefore rate it 3.5 stars.
Previous review -
Used to take my cars to C&S when I first moved here. Had to get air conditioner fixed and it was determined i had to get a part replaced. When I picked up my car the air still didn't come on. I called them and they made me feel like I was lying. Said that it was working when it left the shop. I took it to another shop and they told me that it was the wrong part that was put in and ordered the right part. I contacted C&S and they offered to put in $75 as for my trouble and because I had to pay again for someone else to put it in which actually worked afterwards.
So I thought it was an honorable thing for C&S to do so I decided to come back and bring back a truck that I had just purchased and was taking on a camping trip as a short vacation I told them what needed to be done and some of the issues we were having I asked that everything would be checked the oil and the water was to be topped off and I even saw the front desk I write it down on the paperwork. After paying a little over $1,200 we picked up our vehicle and went on our way to find that our oil and water we're not checked. We had to put it in ourselves and when we were driving home the truck stopped running at the top of a hill on the freeway pulling our 36 ft fifth wheel. We backed up traffic and had to find someone to tow 14,000 lbs of truck and fifth wheel off the freeway. It was our oil pressure pump that went out. The tow truck driver said that the auto shop should have caught that when they did the vacation pre-check. Each time it seems they only have 1 guy working on cars there which makes me think they don't have the time to do what you ask them to do. They also over charged us when my husband specifically talked to the front desk guy and told him not to worry about checking out our radio not shutting off. He still charged us $45.00 as if they checked it regardless.

Ginger WilesGinger Wiles

Payed 900 dollars for a new water pump on a 2000 plymouth voyager and before they took it apart the van did not leak oil !! Now is leaking a quart of oil every 2 days and has a knock which they will blame on 2 heads on the engine being bad BUT THIS VAN DID NOT LEAK OIL JUST ANTIFREEZE AND NO KNOCK UNTILL THEY TOOK IT APART !!!

In response my husband towed it there also told you what needed to be done to it and also it shouldnt matter if it's been 52 or 2 days you are going to be rude to a customer about a service you were paid to do correctly but ended up causing more issues and my husband did not want to bring it back because we dont need anything else broke on our van as we have 2 young children and it being our only vechile!!! And btw we have never gotten that supposed 3rd party call !! Thank you and have a great Sunday!

Sally JardineSally Jardine

Great customer service! Very honest, friendly, and professional!! We were having an issue with a repair they did on our timing belt, but when we took it back they misdiagnosed the problem. We then moved to a different state, but continued to have problems with it. We had to take it somewhere new to get it fixed, and they said the timing belt was off a tooth. When C&S found out about the issue, they offered to reimburse us for all their labor costs, because they weren't able to fix it themselves, since we had moved. I was very grateful and impressed! They're a great company with a lot of integrity!

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