When It Comes To The Safety Of You And Your Family, Our Idaho Falls Brake Service Is Your Highest Priority

Undoubtedly, properly functioning brakes are the #1 safety system in your vehicle. While we always recommend wearing your seatbelt when traveling, being able to stop your vehicle when you need to takes the top billing when it comes to keeping you and your family safe. Without brakes, you could find yourself in a heap of trouble. Our Idaho Falls brake service will help keep your brake system in tip top shape so you can get to where you are going safely.

C&S Auto Repair specializes in maintaining, repairing, and replacing all brake system components for all makes and models of vehicles on the road today. We install only the highest quality brake components and parts because your safety is our highest priority. Our Idaho Falls brake service includes industry standard warranties to ensure your brake system is functioning properly and efficiently, no matter what the road ahead throws at you. Our ASE certified brake technicians have extensive experience diagnosing brake system problems and fixing them to perform better than factory specifications.

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If you are feeling a pulsating pedal or hear a squealing noise when you apply your brakes, don’t delay getting your brakes checked for wear or damage. Our Idaho Falls brake service includes the following (where applicable):

Disc Brake Services

  • Brake rotor inspection/resurfacing/replacement
  • Brake pad inspection/replacement
  • Brake caliper inspection/repair/replacement
  • Brake caliper hardware inspection/replacement
  • Brake fluid line and hose inspection/replacement
  • Emergency brake cable inspection/replacement

Drum Brake Services

  • Brake drum inspection/resurfacing/replacement
  • Brake show inspection/replacement
  • Wheel cylinder inspection/repair/replacement
  • Brake drum hardware (springs, etc) inspection/replacement
  • Brake fluid line and hose inspection/replacement
  • Emergency brake cable inspection/replacement

Master Cylinder & Brake Booster Services

  • Inspection, flushing, and replacement of brake fluid (includes bleeding of air from system)
  • Inspection/repair/replacement of brake master cylinder and gaskets
  • Inspection and testing of brake fluid sensor
  • Inspection/repair/replacement of brake booster, where applicable

Just like regular engine maintenance, your brake system needs periodic maintenance in order for it to perform correctly. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, we will help you keep up to date on your Idaho Falls brake service that follows the manufacturers recommendations. Call C&S Auto Repair to schedule your Idaho Falls brake service today.

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