What Is That Noise My Car Is Making?

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A High-Pitched, Banshee-Like Squeal When You Brake

brake cleaningThis is one of the more jarring sounds your car will make when something is wrong. This is on purpose. The sound you’re hearing is the sound of the brake pad indicator –  a small device that begins to rub against your rotor as your brake pads begin to wear down too much. In short, it means your brake pad is nearing the end of its service life and that it will soon need to be replaced. The solution: an auto brake repair.

Our auto repair in Idaho Falls includes brake services and we’ll change out your brake pads. It’s a fairly easy fix, so don’t delay – bring your vehicle in soon, because as time goes on, you can start running into real trouble. Your brake pads are attached to metal clamps so as to keep these clamps from grinding against the rotor – once they start to do that, it’s only a matter of time before your rotor starts to warp and break.

What’s more, without brake pads, heat from the friction of you stopping won’t be dispersed correctly, leading to the overheating and failure of your braking system.

Squealing Under The Hood

car mechanical partsThis is most likely the result of a loose or worn down serpentine belt.

The serpentine belt transports power to your various automotive components; it is a single, long, winding belt that keeps the power steering pump, alternator, air conditioning, and water pump running smoothly and steadily.

This is a major cause for concern, and you’ll need to bring your vehicle to a mechanic in Idaho Falls right away – that squealing sound under your hood means your belt is about to break, and when it does, well, let’s just say you’ll need a tow truck. That’s money you’ll be spending on top of getting a replacement.

Serpentine belts typically need to be replaced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles, and that’s under ideal conditions.

Huh, That Kind Of Sounds Like A Coin Rattling Around In A Clothes Dryer…

Wheel AlignmentIf you hear a rattling sound coming from a wheel at low speeds that stops once you start moving faster, it is likely a loose lug nut inside your hub cap. This indicates that your wheel wasn’t tightened enough when it was removed or replaced previously. 

Take your vehicle into your Idaho Falls auto repair shop and the issue can be fixed pretty quickly.

A “Rur Rur Rur” Sound – Like A Grumpy Cat – When You Try To Start Your Engine

Car BatteryThis means your battery is struggling to power your engine. It’s either running out of juice, past its prime, or simply needs a jump.

This is an issue of convenience more than safety; you can expect your vehicle to simply fail to start up sooner or later. 

Our Idaho Falls auto repair shop offers battery testing and we can tell you exactly what’s going on and fix the problem.

The Rear Of Your Car Is Rumbling & Roaring

Auto Repair in Idaho FallsThis sound is usually heard coming from under the driver’s seat and usually signifies damage – a crack or leak – in the exhaust system’s manifold – all your engine sounds are thus entering the vehicle.

The noise and possibly rumbling passenger seat is an inconvenience, but this noise can mean something very serious, as carbon monoxide could be venting into the cabin via the crack or leak. 

If you hear this sound, bring your vehicle into our Idaho Fall auto repair shop immediately!

A Sqeaking Or Groaning Sound When You Turn The Wheel

steering wheel that needs idaho falls auto repairThis likely means there’s something wrong with your power-steering system. If you hear squeaking – which is likely the result of low power-steering fluid – it’s definitely an issue, but not as big of an issue as if you hear a groan – this means something is causing friction. 

In either case, bring your vehicle into our Idaho Falls auto repair shop and we’ll fix the issue.

A Flapping Sound When The AC Is Running

airconditioning system idaho falls auto repairThis results from your ventilation flap being misaligned, loose, or worn down. When this happens, it starts to flap – hence the flapping sound.

This isn’t a major cause for concern. It’s mostly just irritating. Sure, you can drown it out with music, but eventually, you’re going to want this inconvenience taken care of. 

When the time is convenient, bring your vehicle into our Idaho Falls auto repair shop and we’ll fix the damage.

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