Why Regular Oil Changes Are So Important

While it’s basically a universal truth among experts that an oil change is one of the most important forms of vehicle maintenance, there’s another question that’s a bit more open ended – what constitutes a regular oil change?

Most experts say you should change your oil about every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on its year, make, and model. There are also other factors that affect this like environmental conditions, or how you use your vehicle. For instance, you should change your oil more often if you live in a hot climate or at a high altitude. If you use your vehicle mainly for hauling heavy equipment or towing other vehicles, you should also consider more frequent oil changes.

When it doubt, it never hurts to check the owner’s manual. It should give you all the details you need.

So, why does oil have to be changed in the first place?

Why Regular Oil Changes Are So ImportantThe answer lies in how your engine works. It’s comprised of a series of valves, pistons, gaskets, and other parts, all of which have to move at high speed in order to power your vehicle. Speed creates friction, friction creates heat, and heat creates damage. The solution to this problem is oil, which gives these various parts the lubrication they need to function without overheating.

However, over enough time and with enough use, your engine’s oil is going to get dirty, becoming sludgy and saturated with harsh particles. Those particles can cause damage to your engine. Furthermore (and this is the ironic part), dirty oil can actually act as a heat insulator – that’s the opposite of what you want!

Oil is supposed to keep your engine lubricated, cool, and running smoothly. Dirty oil destroys engine components, insulates heat, and makes your vehicle work harder for less output, ultimately cutting its life short.

You might be wondering what exactly happens if you don’t change your oil.

Well, eventually, the components that comprise your engine will begin to warp, corrode, and wear out. Finally, your engine will completely overheat, and that spells death for your engine.

As many people have learned the hard way, it often costs more to replace the engine than to simply scrap the vehicle and buy a new one.

Don’t wait for things to get to that point – C&S Auto Repair can replace your oil in no time!

Why Regular Oil Changes Are So ImportantIf your vehicle is getting close to needing an oil change, it’s unwise to put it off. Too many people think they’ll be okay for just a few more weeks, only to end up having to spend thousands of dollars when an oil change would have cost next to nothing in comparison.
At C&S Auto Repair, you can count on us for the oil, lube, and filter services your vehicle needs. We’ll be sure to choose the right oil for your specific vehicle, and add the right amount. Just bring it in and leave the dirty work to us.


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