Transmission Service

The transmission in your vehicle is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the driving wheels. In other words, it is an integral part of the drivetrain of your vehicle responsible for making your vehicle drive along the roads smoothly and efficiently. And because transmissions are essential, proper service and maintenance is imperative to keep your vehicle running like it should. Our Idaho Falls transmission service is specifically designed to keep all transmissions operating well into their services life while helping to keep repairs or replacements at a minimum.

Unlike the engine in your vehicle, automatic and manual transmissions don’t require a comprehensive maintenance schedule. While they do have filters and fluids that need to be changed periodically, the frequency of these services are spaced out further than typical engine oil and filter changes. Our Idaho Falls transmission service is geared towards your vehicle’s manufacturers specifications to include the following:

  • Transmission fluid flushing and replacement
  • Transmission filter replacement (for automatic transmissions)
  • Transmission pan gasket replacement
  • Examination of valves, servos, transmission fluid pan, and pump
  • Replacement or cleaning of screen
  • Addition of friction modifiers, where applicable
  • Shifting cable adjustments and repairs
  • Inspection of syncronizers (for manual transmissions)
  • Replacement of input and output shaft seals
  • Clutch (manual transmissions) and torque converter (automatic transmissions) inspection/replacement
  • Flywheel (manual transmissions) and flexplate (automatic transmissions) inspection/replacement

Depending on your vehicle, our Idaho Falls transmission service can be pretty straight forward and finished within an afternoon. However, sometimes it may be necessary to remove (or relocate) the engine to service the transmission thus requiring addition time in the shop. When you bring your vehicle in for our Idaho Falls transmission service, we will explain the entire service to you and answer any questions you may have.

Don't Delay Your Transmission Needs

If you are experiencing slippage or loss of power in your transmission, call us to schedule an appointment. Neglecting transmission service intervals can become a costly repair or replacement later on so don’t delay, call C&S Auto Repair in Idaho Falls today to schedule your Idaho Falls transmission service.
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